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Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are a wonderful design accessory for your interior.Thanks to their natural look you can elegantly integrate them into any of your interiors where you need to create a luxurious and pleasant atmosphere with a hint of nature. You can indulge in the sight of the natural texture of common and exotic woods or various surface finishes.

  • We have been here for you since 2008
  • We work with well-known designers and architects
  • Guarantee of quality workmanship and long life
  • Exclusive manufacture and installation of customized blinds
  • Realization of installation of wooden blinds in Prague and the whole Czech Republic
  • Take advantage of the possibility of processing non-binding inquiry
Advice and consulting for free
Fabric samplers available
Warranty up to 5 years
Warranty and regular service
Wooden blinds are a wonderful design and practical addition to your interior. Wooden blinds, due to the natural appearance, incorporate into any interior, where it is necessary to evoke a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere with a hint of nature. Wooden blinds are tailor-made according to your specifications or professional measurement of our technicians. The price of wooden blinds depends on the dimensions (width, height) selected slats and the type of control (manual, motor).

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We offer a number of technical design, finishes, colors slats and guiding strips for wooden blinds. Indulge yourself with natural structure of conventional and exotic woods such as oak, beech, larch, pine, apple, linden, willow, chestnut, light or dark ash, red and sugar maple, American walnut, zebrawood, bamboo, tamarind, teak, rosewood and others, or you can be enchanted by the high-gloss of piano lacquer and perfection, or you can choose scrubbed, sanded and grooved surface.
A decorative 35 mm wide ribbon looks very modern and compared to the usual string ranking.
pasky na drevene zaluzie
We also offer special treatment of wooden slats, which allows the use of blinds in humid environments such as kitchens or bathrooms. To the luxury interiors we provide special slats covered with leather in several colors.

Advantages and possibilities of Wooden blinds:

  • we offer professional measurement of windows at your apartment and future assembling of wooden blinds

  • Wooden blinds can be seen in our showroom

  • fitting into the glazing bar, on the window frame, front wall, ceiling
  • possibility of delivery of the finished product according to your specifications on delivery (custom installation)
  • exclusive appearance and practical interior shading
  • Wooden blinds can be controlled by cord, chain, engine (key, remote control)
  • the possibility of side guide
  • width of the slats 25, 35, 50, 68 and 70 mm
  • the possibility of combining the slats
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • high resistance
  • Special treatment of wooden blinds in humid areas (bathrooms)
  • exclusive fine slats coated in leather
  • perfect processing
  • a large selection of materials, finishes and colors
  • warranty up to 5 years
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