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Curtains and Drapes

  • We are here for you since 2008
  • We cooperate with known designers and architects
  • Guarantee of high quality and long lifetime
  • Realizations all over Czech Republic
Advice and consulting for free
Fabric samplers available
Warranty up to 5 years
Warranty and regular service

Curtains are probably the oldest method of shielding interiors. Nowadays they are considered as an important element of home coziness. We offer over 300 different types of fabrics for curtains and drapes. Unless you have your own, we will provide you also curtain rails. You are  welcome to our showroom where we show you our offer and help you with the selection process. 

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Drapes and curtains can be sewed in many variations, achieved by using various shirring tapes. You can choose between wavy, decorative, Tusk, curly, universal, automatic and many others.

Advantages and options of curtains and drapes:


  • we offer professional measurement of windows at your apartment and future assembling of curtains and drapes

  • Samples of materials can be seen in our showroom

  • possibility of delivery of the finished product according to your specifications on delivery (custom installation)

  • We offer different kinds of drapery and accessories

  • fabrics for curtains and drapes can be washed and ironed the usual way

  • long-life textiles

  • suitable for combining with design curtain rails


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